Term: 2 Year: 2008

Teddies 2
Teddies 1
Teddies 5
Teddies 4
Teddies 3

The models created based on soft toys were developed over a few weeks of hard work in Years Prep, 1 and 2.

Photographs were taken of the children’s soft toys from front, side and back.

The children were shown how to help each other to manipulate newspaper around a tube and also to make newspaper tubes
to form arms and legs. After much scrunching, sticking and many rolls of Masking Tape, the children laminated their
work with paper and paste, then a white layer of Newsprint Paper. Next the children used their own choice of coloured
Tissue Papers. Finishing touches of drawn eyes, nose and mouth completed their masterpieces. We hope that you enjoy

St Mark’s Primary School Fawkner
Suitable for Levels 1 – 2