Symmetrical Paper Bugs



In this video Symmetrical Paper Bugs we will explore the art Principle of symmetry. Students will create a artwork which explores colour and shape to create a sense of balance in their artwork. Symmetry in art is when the elements of an artwork balance each other out. Balance refers to how the elements of art relate to each other in a composition.

This simple activity begins with choosing two separate pieces of coloured paper with one being larger than the other (Approx A5 and A3 size). The choice in colour can relate to complimentary colours, cool and warm colours or other colour combinations. These colours should stand out from one another to create a greater impact in the finished artwork. We will then begin by drawing half of an insect shape on the edge of the smaller piece of paper. This shape can be repeated four times on each edge of paper or each edge of the paper can have a different shape drawn. Depending on what level you are working with basic shapes and thick lines will make this project easier.

Once all shapes are drawn on the four sides of the paper the next step is to carefully cut these shapes out in one cutting line. When this is complete we glue our smaller piece of paper to the center of our larger piece of paper. We then take our cut out pieces, flip them over and then line them up with the negative space of your smaller piece of paper and  glue them down to finish.

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Lesson Plan: Symmetrical Paper Bugs

Materials List:

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