Term: 4 Year: 2007

Sunsets 2
Sunsets 1
Sunsets 5
Sunsets 4
Sunsets 3

How to:

Collage in paint, paper, pencil, metallic marker.

* To look at shape as a feature of design

* To experiment with tones and tints of colour

* CHALLENGE – to make a recognisable skyline


Look at pictures of sunsets and note the way colours appear to blend in to each other.  Begin with yellow and
gradually add a small amount of red blending into the yellow.  Keep adding more red until the colour is a dark
orange, then add small amounts of white building to a pale pink or salmon. Add blue in small amounts until the page
is dark blue at the top. Avoid painting in straight lines, keep blending to blur lines.


Look at pictures of city buildings. From a distance they appear as rectangles overlapping. Use black paper to cut
shapes to represent buildings in the city. Use photos of landmarks or cities; e.g., Melbourne’s Arts Spire,
Flinders St Station, Sydney’s Opera House, Harbour Bridge – other international landmarks. Can you make
your skyline recognisable? Try to make buildings overlap – some are in front, some are behind – to achieve
a realistic appearance. Arrange on page before gluing in place.

Outline using white pencil. Add windows (patience required!) and other features using white crayon, metallic marker
or white pencil.

Add birds, planes, etc if appropriate, to the sky, using black paper.  

Level 4

Coolaroo South Primary School