Sunglasses Pouch

A fantastic handmade gift idea for Dad to store his sunglasses. A handy gift that Dad will really appreciate!


Felt Squares Assorted
Thick Perle #5 Cotton
Printed Pattern Felt
Basics Buttons

How to make a Sunglasses Pouch

Step One
Cut a piece of 20 x 30cm Felt in half and then fold in half lengthwise.

Step Two
Cut out letters "DAD" from the Printed Felt.

Step Three
Arrange the letters onto the pouch and attach by using a running stitch down the centre of each letter.

Step Four
Stitch on a button at the end of ëDadí.

Step Five
Pin the open edges of the pouch together.

Step Six
Use blanket stitch around the edge of the pouch with Perle Cotton.

Step Seven
Create a loop with the cotton to wrap around the button so that the pouch can be closed securely.