Sunflower Lino Prints

Term: 3 Year: 2016

As part of their folio, Year 11 students from Ave Maria College worked through the design process to explore, develop and refine imagery suitable for a Black and White lino cut.

The concept was to work from their still life observational drawings of sunflowers that have been created with a highlighted and considered application of the aesthetics of line, texture and shape.

Covering areas of the key skills in Outcomes 1 and 2 the task incorporates research and analysis of selected printmakers, specifically for their use of line to depict imagery in a linear style which was then translate and produced as a lino cut. Each students individual exploration and refinement of design concepts in a visual form will start with a series of drawings where they will further refine the chosen image (Sunflower), enhancing it through a personal linear interpretation.

Students will be encouraged to take on board the style of other printmakers to establish their own style in the development and completion of the final drawn image where they will consider cropping, unity, figure and ground in their compositions.

Further analysis and study of printmakers will be explored to inform and extend their own individual carving techniques and use of tools to interpret their imagery which in turn will be considered and visually applied to their final lino cut.

Artwork provided by
Cheryl Kerin
Ave Maria College