Sunburnt Country

Term: 3 Year: 2006

Sunburnt Country 2006 2
Sunburnt Country 2006 1
Sunburnt Country 2006 4
Sunburnt Country 2006 3

Year 5 develop lizards in terracotta clay.

  • They used an armature of paper and rolled out clay using the slab technique. Finished shape and decorative elements
    were created using clay tools.
  • We all worked hard at developing our lizards and using the skills that we have learned about the properties
    of clay.
  • Adding the appendages of our lizard requires us to use strong joining techniques and careful melding of the
    clay to ensure that our work holds together.
  • The final decoration needs to be just the right thickness to dry at a safe rate and to survive the high temperatures
    of our kiln.

Carey Grammar Donvale