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Term: 3 Year: 2011
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UNIT 1 – Artistic inspiration and techniques
Folio piece – Symbolism and Architecture

As part of their folio, Year 11 students at Ave Maria College worked through the design process to explore,
develop and refine imagery and layouts using cut paper collage techniques combined with mixed media. The concept was
to create a sectioned and or layered composition that considered and was connected through the aesthetics of line,
colour and shape and arranged considering pattern, figure and ground.

Covering areas of the key skills in Outcomes 1 and 2 they were set a task that incorporated research and analysis
of specific architecture and detailed construction within these buildings as well as incorporating symbols of
religious significance.  Their individual exploration and refinement of design concepts in a visual form and
refinement of particular qualities of the combination of mixed media enabled them to establish a personal style and
application in their finished artwork.

Domain Coordinator Arts
Ave Maria College, Aberfeldie
Suitable for Level VCE