Student Art Prize

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Zart has curated a range of content to help inspire students and teachers wishing to participate in the 2021 National Student Art Prize. The content includes step by step videos with lesson plans, work from our student gallery, activities, tips and techniques.

Inspirational Videos Banner

Cardboard Weaving Loom
Field of Poppies | Anzac Day Art Activity


‘Invader’ inspired Paper-Pixel (Pug) Mosaic
Pete Cromer inspired Watercolour Collage


Fred Williams inspired Landscape Painting with Natural Brushes
Lino Printing with Water-Soluble Markers


Symmetrical Paper Fish
One Point Perspective Swirls and Shapes


Monster Mash Up Drawing
6 Fun Print Making Techniques for All Levels


DIY two-tone Etching for younger students with Metallic slicks
Surfboard with Stand


Inspirational Student Art Banner

Bird’s Eye View Landscapes
Famous Buildings Silk Paintings


Ned Kelly Felting
Lino Prints


Mirka Mora Inspired Dolls
Cardboard Sculptures


Ian Potter Gallery Inspired Artworks
Warm & Cool Portraits


Skateboard Deck Designs
Mad Hatter Hats


Cat Collage Sculptures
Animals With Attitude


Wet Felting


Eric Carle Seahorses
Mixed-Media Dogs


Inspirational Activities Banner

Working with Oz Clay
Watercolour Cotton Boards


Drawing Explorations (Primary)
Working With Watercolour


Choosing The Right Colour Pencils For Your Needs
Magiclay Exploration


7 Watersoluble Media Materials Art Teachers Are Craving
3 Simple Gel Printing Plate Activity Ideas


Spray Painting
Getting to know your paint brush!


Exploring Pastels
Brush Markers