Student Agency and Steampunk

with Hamish Betts

Day 2 Session


Suitable for: PRIMARY

Join international educator, Hamish Betts creating mixed media sculptures that embrace the fundamentals of ‘construction’ and ‘modelling’ to develop an understanding of sculpture that considers all the elements of a successful art piece.

Too often when we are working with students, they focus on one or two of the elements of art, whilst abandoning the rest.
Hamish’s holistic approach to art reminds students and teachers to have a fuller, richer vision of their work. In this session, you will need to bring an assortment of found objects that can be upcycled, recycled and repurposed. We will enhance your materials with a goodie bag of materials that will help you to take your next 3D unit of work to the next level.

Hamish will take us through similar techniques to his Steampunk workshops, but then turn this on its head, imaging creations that burst with colour, expression and imagination.


About the Presenter

Hamish is an established Artist, Educator, Teacher Trainer and Consultant. Having taught in New Zealand and Singapore for 16 years as a Classroom Teacher, an Art Specialist, Head of Department and most recently ‘Director of Learning’ he also has extensive experience running workshops and training educators throughout Asia Pacific. Hamish brings passion and creativity into every environment he works in. He is loved by students and parents and under Hamish’s guidance, students will grow in their confidence, creativity and engagement in the Arts. He empowers teachers in his centres to engage, model and facilitate best practise education whilst seeing every student as an artist and encouraging them to explore and engage in the heartbeat of their learning.

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Web NCC 2020 Hamish Betts Trumpet Wide 250x167

Web NCC 2020 Hamish Betts Speaking Square 500x500

Artwork & Images courtesy of Hamish Betts