Student Agency:

Tap Into Yourself

presented by Margot Anwar


Suitable for: ALL LEVELS

Session Times Available:
(AM) Morning session SOLD OUT!
(PM) No Afternoon session available
The enterprise of artistic agency is ‘us’ in action as visual arts teachers; moving ideas into action, that is teachers and students free falling into problem solving mindsets within the realm of the infinite possibilities of creating something out of nothing or in response to something.
When we are empowered with a sense of agency, the urgency of our creative potential is ignited in unique ways as the process of making, creating, doing, sharing, collaborating, publishing and presenting occurs. This workshop focuses on what it means to have a well-defined sense of one’s own agency and how it contributes significantly to enabling others to become confident explorers and navigators of their own ideas.


About the Presenter

Margot Anwar’s greatest strength is the facilitation of the creativity of others….
Margot Anwar is a gifted educator whose facilitation and enablement of student and teacher creativity has been the driving passion of her career as both teacher and educational leader. She understands that creativity involves risk and uncertainty and has been able to find professional balance in that interstitial space between what is and what can be. Throughout her career in both Australia and Indonesia she has advocated for international-mindedness and global citizenship. Projects she has initiated have promoted the importance of place and community, generating cultural connectivity and promoting intercultural understanding.
In all her roles Margot has been an agent of progressive change: promoting the arts as a cross-disciplinary benefit for all students; creating modern purpose-designed art education facilities; implementing innovative staff team-building strategies with an emphasis on broad-based creativity; enhancing student engagement in a range of cultural enterprises; crafting opportunities for high level student art exhibitions and for student engagement with professional artists and other creatives.
It’s true to say that Margot has left a legacy of a stronger approach to the arts and creative thinking in each of her professional engagements both within and beyond school communities. She has worked as an educator at The National Gallery of Victoria and closely with Dr. Martin Seligman at Geelong Grammar School, where she spearheaded a cross campus exhibition, CUSP integrating principles of Positive Psychology as entry points to nurture curiosity, creativity and problem solving capacities.
Margot has recently (November 2018) returned from Indonesia where she was Curriculum Advisor for a community-based learning project fostering enterprise learning. Immediately before that – July 2013 – December 2017 – Margot was Head of Faculty and Senior Visual Arts Teacher (VCE and IB) at two Melbourne secondary schools; her attached CV shows the diversity, creativity and excellence in her education career. Collaboration, creativity and mutual learning are the foundations on which her career has been based.







Margot Anwar Bio Headshot

Image courtesy of Margot Anwar