Still Life & Japanese Kimono’s

Term: 1 Year: 2007

Still Life Japanese Kimonos 4
Still Life Japanese Kimonos 3
Still Life Japanese Kimonos 2
Still Life Japanese Kimonos 1
Still Life Japanese Kimonos 6
Still Life Japanese Kimonos 5

Artist in Residence – Anna Blatman


Artist, Anna Blatman presented the students with pictures of flowers that she collects to inspire her paintings.
Anna demonstrated how she approaches her work then the students chose their picture and followed the model she had
demonstrated. Students chose a background colour, preferably a colour that was light and bright and this was quickly
painted on. The foliage was added with long quick strokes. If the picture had a vase, this was painted before the
foliage was applied. Finally the flowers were painted


After researching Japanese inspired patterns and looking at Japanese block prints and kimono designs, grade 5 students
decorated a template of a kimono. Fabric was then placed over the design and taped into place. Gutta was applied
onto the fabric following the design lines. Silk paints were then used to colour the design. Students had made a
plaster face using the 9-face mould available from Zart Art. These were painted with an abstract design using Jo
Sonya paints and a fine line brush. The finished product was mounted onto black cartridge paper that had a silhouette
of the kimono shape cut out. The fabric was taped into place and the plaster face was glued on using Supertac.


Ormond Primary School