Still Life

Term: 4 Year: 2009
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Still Life

Level 3

At Presbyterian Ladies’ College, the Year 4 students commence their year with the Marine unit.

Experiencing a beach camp enables the students to have hands on exploration of marine life that they found in the bay
and to draw familiar items that they would take to the beach.

·As an introduction to the unit, students viewed a variety of artists styles and from different periods in history
including Fernand Leger, Matisse and George O’Keeffe.

·Discussions on the individual characteristics of the artists’ work proved inspirational.

·The idea for this unit was to combine the development of drawing and design skills, distinguishing and understanding
the elements of shape, form and colour.

·A multiple of chosen overlapping shapes with the inclusion of beach towel fabric assisted in creating a balanced

·The students were eager to apply oil pastel to their shapes after having reviewed the use of harmonious and
complementary colours.

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