Steampunk Animal Drawing

In this video Steampunk Animal Drawing with Pearlescent Paints we create a Steampunk inspired seahorse drawing using water colour pencils and water paints.

To begin we draw the silhouette of a seahorse ensuring we create a simple shape with little detail as our starting point. Using this silhouette we fill in the space with Steampunk inspired machinery drawings. We use wooden cogs and gears to trace the shapes and assist us in creating these machine like details. We also create large panels and lines to represent circuits and pipes to give our seahorse a mechanic feel.

Once the whole silhouette is filled with detail we add colour with water colour pencils. We use these pencils to outline all of the shapes and lines as well as colouring in any negative shapes in the drawing. To stick to the Steampunk aesthetic we try to use dull colours such as greys, browns and black within our design. We then move on to colour the larger areas with pearlescent water colour paints, again using a reduced colour palette. We use these prearlescent water colours to draw attention to the work and add vibrancy.

This activity is great for enhancing drawing skills, exploring water colour mediums and developing problem solving skills. This activity can be used to challenge students to create fine detail and use real objects such as machinery as inspiration in a unique artwork. It can be adapted to suit a variety of levels by altering the details required in the design. Different themes and different organic forms can be used with this lesson by using the same process.

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Lesson Plan: Steampunk Animal

Materials List:

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