Stanislava Pinchuk (Miso): Animals of the Fountain

Artwork Focus: ‘Mostra’ (2021)

Suitable for: Years 4-6

Animals of the Fountain Image

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In these activities students will respond to the 2021 project ‘Mostra’ by Stanislava Pinchuk and Henry Wilson. The recycled sandstone sculpture acts as a communal drinking fountain designed for accessible hydration for both humans and animals. The work was created in reflection of water scarcity in Australia during the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires.




ACAVAM110/114 – Consider how the artist’s ideas and works can be integrated within their own practice.
ACAVAR113/117 – Discuss how designed objects have both a purpose and an aesthetic resolution.




In this activity students will construct a vibrant ink work of an animal within Australia interacting with the ‘Mostra’ structure. Students are also encouraged to research information about a chosen animal.

Step 1: On a board create 6 lists of animal groups: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Encourage students to list as many animals they can think of that fit into these categories that live in the wild or are domesticated pets in Australia.

Step 2: Discuss with students the work ‘Mostra’, explaining that it is both a sculpture and a drinking fountain for animals and humans to share. Consider aspects such as information about bushfires and the Australian climate. Ask students what animals they think would visit the object and how might they interact with it (for example the top is based on beehive water supplies).

Step 3: Students choose an animal which they will draw and paint with ink, drinking or resting at a section of the fountain. Students may also research information about the animal and/or create a short story.

Step 4: Demonstrate to students how an animal may compositionally fit onto the surface before students draw their animal at the sculpture on A3 paper. Students use vibrant ink or watercolour to paint their animals. Once dried, students can apply a black ink outline with a fine brush or use a marker to go over in fine detail.


Materials & Equipment

  • PN180 2B Blacklead Pencil 36pk
  • PA106 A4 Ream Cartridge Paper 130gsm
  • CB603 A4 White Cardboard 250gsm 100pk
  • CB210 A2 Backdrop Brown Card 10pk
  • AT518 Masking Tape 18mm
  • SC013 Scissors
  • RL245 Metal Ruler 45cm
  • TQ1000 Snap Off Cutter
  • AA005 Supertac 550mL
  • GR023 A3 Cutting Mat
  • PT202-BK Black Paint 2L
  • PT202-WH White Paint 2L
  • BR319 Taklon Brush Round Size 2
  • BR320 Taklon Brush Round Size 4



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