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Stamp Printed Calico Bag

In this lesson students explore a simple print making technique using stamps on a calico bag. Students consider the shapes that they are using and how they can be adapted or repeated to create a design to suit an audience.

Lesson 1

Students explore different designs and brands from clothing labels and patterned fabrics. Discuss how shapes have been used to create pattern and the importance of composition in a design.

Students use EVA stamp shapes and letters to create their own individual design. Students consider how the shapes can be used in terms of colour and repetition. Students practice using the stamps and creating their designs on a piece of paper with acrylic paint.

Lesson 2

Students create a final piece for a bag design on a calico bag. Students stamp their shapes and letters on to a bag and then work over these shapes with fabric markers to add details and complete their work.

Materials List:

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Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Stamp Printed Calico Bag