Spring Racing Carnival Models

Term: 1 Year: 2013


The Year 6 students from Sacre Coeur in Glen Iris have designed and created these amazing Models as part of our recent Junior School Art Show – Shoes, Bags and other Bling.

 I had seen the Poly Bodies at Zart Art and was anxious to experiment with them as part of our theme. As the Spring Racing Carnival was about to begin, I thought that this was the perfect activity to incorporate into our theme. The girls thoroughly enjoyed creating their fashions out of a variety of papers, using as many strategies and skills to manipulate the paper into frills, pleats and scrunches of every description. Of course there was also room for a little bling for embellishment.

I think that we might have discovered some budding fashion designers! 

What do you think?

Susan McDonald
Art Teacher
Sacre Coeur
Suitable for level 4