Spiral Mobile


Step 1. Cut 12 strips from the Coloured Cardboard between 3cm x 10cm and 5cm x 20cm in various colours.

Step 2. Roll coloured strips one at a time around a pencil. Gently remove the pencil and unravel the paper coil to form a spiral.

Step 3. Decorate spirals with Coloured Adhesive Shapes.

Step 4. Punch a hole at one end of the decorated spirals. Cut lengths of Natural Beading Cord between 15cm and 40cm and tie to the spirals.

Step 5. Assemble the Kraft Card Mobiles by slotting together. Tie the spirals to the mobile to hang at various lengths.

Step 6. Cut a 20cm length of Natural Beading Cord and tie to the top of the mobile. Tie a loop for hanging.