Soft Cut Prints

Term: 2 Year: 2016

Year 7 students from Creekside College explored historical and modern abstract artworks and learnt about a range of Australian and international abstract artists. They explored and analysed printmaking works of Australian artists including Margaret Preston Narelle Oliver and The Proctor.

Using artworks by these artists as inspiration. Students designed their own lino carving based on the theme ‘Wonders of Nature’. They collected images from nature and selected one for their artwork. Students used ICT to find, resize and print their chosen design image and transfer it to a carving block.

They learned about positive and negative areas in a print and explored carving techniques using a soft carve block. Coloured backgrounds were explored and students were shown how to add colour to prints on plain paper. A wide range of backgrounds were created and used for printing.

Artwork provided by
Kate Gartung
Creekside College