Simple Embossing Foil Art Lesson – 3D Seahorse Sculpture


In this video we will be working with embossing foil to create a 3D sculpture. We will use the silhouette of a seahorse to start the frame of our sculpture. We fold the foil in half to create a symmetrical piece and start tracing the image on the folded edge of the foul. By tracing over the paper and foil with a blunt pencil lines are indented into the foil. The foil is easy to emboss into with a foam sheet or something soft placed underneath.

Once the silhouette has been traced along the edge of the folded foil, details can then be added using a pencil or wooden tools. Once details are completed we cut around our image with scissors ensuring one edge is left connecting the two sides of the foil. Pull the 2 symmetrical pieces of foil away from each other but still leaving them attached at one point. Other details can be cut out and attached with Supertac. Colour can also be added to the work using permanent markers or alcohol inks.

Lesson Plan: Embossing Foil Sculpture

Materials List:

Aluminium Embossing Foil A4 10’s
Modelling Tool 8″ 12’s
Supertac Glue 550mL
Prockey Dual Tip Marker 10’s Asst Fine
Basics Zart Scissors 170mm
Craft Fun Foam Sheet 20’s Asst