Famous Buildings Silk Paintings

Term: 4 Year: 2016

Year 6 students from Ormond Primary School completed observational drawings of famous buildings from around the world. They used their iPads to source true photographs of their chosen building.

The focus is on selecting a building that has interesting angles, linking it to their unit of study within their classroom. This became the starting point for a silk painting. The silk was stretched across a cardboard frame and placed on top of the drawn design,and then students directly applied their chosen coloured gutta. Students were instructed to use even pressure and a steady hand, when drawing their lines, as well as ensuring there are no gaps in the lines, or the dye will bleed out.

Students dip brushes into the colour and applied the dye or paint sparingly to the centre of an outlined area by touching the brush to the silk. They allowed the paint to move to the resist line.

Artwork provided by
Ormond Primary School