Silhouette Sunset Painting

In this Video Silhouette Sunset Painting, We look at the skills of colour blending by creating a sunset painting and the use of a simple paper stencil. We begin by creating a background for our painting which will consist of colour blending to imply the look of a sunset. We blend our lightest colours starting from yellow at the base of the page and then blend this yellow in to a red with orange in between. From the red we mix in blue to create a purple. This will create a nice effect of the colours blending in to each other instead of blocks of colour.

With our completed background we create a simple paper stencil. This achieved by drawing the silhouette of an elephant on a piece of paper and carefully cutting it out. We then lay the negative space stencil over our sunset painting and dab black paint over to transfer our silhouette. We then add in more details with black paint and a brush to complete our landscape.

This activity is perfect for teaching students basic colour blending techniques using acrylic paint. It is also a fun way to teach students how to create layers in a painting. Students can work on their fine motor skills with cutting out the stencil used for this piece. Older students can also extend themselves with more complicated stencils with fine details that may require a cutting knife.

You only need limited materials to complete this activity, acrylic paint, paper and a foam sponge. This range of video lesson plans are designed for teachers and can be shown to students. The videos come with downloadable PDF Lesson Plans that can be incorporated into a teacher’s curriculum plan. The lessons are also ideal for home learning as well.

Lesson Plan: Silhouette Sunset Painting

Materials List:

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