Signature Bear

Signature Bear ActivityWhen students are celebrating the completion of their time at Primary School or their move on to the next Grade, get them to create their own a Signature Bear and have their teachers and classmates sign it. Initiate a classroom discussion about the things students have learnt through their Primary Years and what they can expect from the next phase of their education.


Calico Bear
Polyester Filling
Black Felt
Black Card
Black Marker

How to make a Signature Bear

Step 1
Draw a cutting line around the bear 5 mm out from the stitching line. Cut along this line; leave an extra 1 cm of fabric at the filling hole.

Step 2
Snip the fabric inwards towards the seams on all the bends and corners.

Step 3
Pull the fabric through the filling hole.

Step 4
Gently work the seams with your fingers to make them sit flat. Use the end of a paint brush to push Polyester filling into the bear’s ears. Stitch along the base of each ear with small stitches.

Step 5
Fold the head along the centre front seam and push a needle through both thicknesses to locate the eyes symmetrically – mark carefully.

Step 6
Use a paint brush to push the filling into the bear until the shape is plump and firm. Fold the raw edge of the filling hole in and stitch the hole with small, firm stitches.

Step 7
Use felt and card to make a mortarboard for your bear. Make a bow tie and nose from felt and draw on two eyes. Collect signatures from all your teachers and friends.