Shoes & Record Players

Term: 1 Year: 2012

St Matthew’s PS in North Fawkner celebrated its Golden Jubilee in term 3.

Over the course of the term, the school community marked the Jubilee celebrations with several activities. The children explored the call of St Matthew and the words from St Matthew’s Gospel ‘Follow Me.’ Each grade was given a decade to explore from 1960 to 2011. The ‘Follow Me’ celebration was incorporated into the Arts, with a whole school Shoe Art theme. Each class designed and produced artwork based on the theme of feet and shoes, which was then displayed as an 'Elves & Shoemaker’s Factory' during Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

As part of the Grade 6 Inquiry Unit focusing on the 1960s the children explored the concept of music themes through their Art work. The children researched different popular music groups, selecting their favourite popular artist band of the time.

In lieu of the Exploring and Responding dimension, the children completed a design brief looking at the various themes, colours, rhythm and texture of music artists during the 1960s. Each child selected a band to research in order to design and create their own Shoe on a Record Player.

The children considered the colours used in the bands album cover, music video clip, costumes and back sets when designing their record label and shoe. The children also explored their particular band’s music style, tempo and beat using different art mediums to recreate a shoe that would sit on a record player. The children brought in an old shoe to revamp.

They used paint, glitter, tissue paper, fluoro adhesive squares, metallic strip, pom poms, sequins and straws to express the rhythm and style of their artist. Using kindergarten squares, pastels (oil and or dry) and other art mediums the children recreated an old record player label which was stuck over the top of an original vinyl. They then painted an old shoe box to act as a record player, placing their newly designed album cover and shoe on top of their LP player.

Each child's shoe on a record player reflected the theme of their chosen band.

Beach Boys- sand, sea shells, pastel and bright colours, wavy lines to denote the surfing theme.
Rolling Stone- red, black and white paint, metallic painted stones, kindergarten squares to colour the infamous RS tongue.
Blondie- adhesive fluoro squares to denoted bright happy, upbeat tempo/mood of her songs.
Supremes – fluoro stripping, fluoro paint, dancing shoe to represent the dance mood.
Monkees- colour theme- waves to represent happy-go-lucky music mode.
Bright colours, glitter to highlight the wave patterns.

Bridget Cashin
Grade 6 Teacher
St Matthew's Primary School, Fawkner
Suitable for Level 4