Shadow Drawing – Mark Making Activity

Term: 3 Year: 2020

Get outside and explore this great drawing activity, ideal for everyone: students, teachers and parents.

You will need:
• A sunny day
• Paper
• Pencil
• Masking tape (to hold paper still if it’s windy)
• Art materials to add colour (your choice: Pencils, Paint, Oil Pastels, etc)

1. To begin, grab a piece of paper and a pencil.

2. Go for a walk around the house, outside or in the garden and look for interesting shadows. You will be amazed at how the simplest things can cast fascinating shadows.

3. Once you’ve spotted a shadow you would like to use, place your paper on the ground under the shadow or use tape to attach the paper to a wall.

4. Trace out the shapes using your pencil, using continuous line. Try not to take your hand off the page. Once you’re happy with that first shadow, continue onto another. This art activity works especially well if you have a range of different shadow tracings on the one page. So find as many shadows as you can!

5. Finally, add colour to your shadow drawing. You might choose a range of your favourite colours or you may want to explore warm, cool or even monochromatic colour schemes. The choice is yours.

6. Display work by mounting or framing and exhibit with pride!

Tania DiBerardino
Art & Textile Consultant (Zart Education)