Seussical Inspired Sculptures

Term: 2 Year: 2020


Sculptures range from 15 cm height-15 cm width to 45 cm height -30 cm length/width

Sculpting wire, wire tools, Modroc, masking tape, newspaper, Vipond paints and embellishments: felt, feathers, joggle eyes, mosaics.

Students explored “25 of the most creative sculptures and statues from around the world” along with the city of Melbourne’s installations (creative sculptures) using iPads. Using their Visual Diaries, students designed a small 2D wire shape which evolved into a 3D sculpture form. They were encouraged to link their design to a Seussical character thus linking to their school production.

Considerations were; it had to be free standing. Challenges where it had to have at least one moving part and be exposed wire for effect.

Students constructed a wire and paper armature of their sculpture design. Modroc was applied to their armature models. Vi Pond paints were applied to the models.

Year 5/6
Camelot Rise Primary School, Glen Waverley