Self-Portraits & Neighbourhood

Term: 3 Year: 2016

These three projects undertaken by students at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart – Bentleigh explore media exploration, the expressivness of paint in Self-portraits, & urban landscapes influenced by Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Paul Klee.


Provided by
Julia Boganova

This drawing was part of a media exploration, using chalks and pastels


Provided by
Amanda Jambu


To create an interesting and expressive self-portrait painting.

• Think about ‘expressive'

• What does it mean?

• Some people regard an expressive or painterly style to be less finished, or even unfinished.

• But it's not a style of painting where the end result is intended to look smooth and glossy like a photograph.

• It's a style which celebrates and shows off the materials made to create it: paint and a brush. The result is something only a painter could produce


Provided by 
Lily Aldridge

Hundertwasser's and Klee’s Neighbourhood

The students had to design an urban landscape influenced by the work of each artist, Hundertwasser and Klee. The artwork needs to combine what they think are the most important elements of each artists' work and use a face in the design.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart – Bentleigh