Seed Pods and Clay Characters

Term: 1 Year: 2006

Seed Pods And Clay Characters 2
Seed Pods And Clay Characters 1
Seed Pods And Clay Characters 3


  • These seedpods were made in a challenge program (4 sessions) working with potter Nicky Fraser and the
    art teacher.
  • The techniques used included pinch pots, joining clay, adding coils and decoration – either manipulation
    of the clay surface, burnishing and the application of slips.
  • In the first session, the students looked at seedpods – shape,colour and texture were studied.
  • Students then drew them. Next they were taught how to make pinch pots.
  • In the second session the students were shown how to make several different seedpods.
  • Each student then made a seedpod. Though all started the same, they were finished differently.
  • In weeks three and four, the students refined and developed seedpods.
  • They were encouraged to try different techniques and forms.
  • The final works were bisque fired. After that they were sawdust fired in a metal tin.
  • Some copper was added to enhance the effects.
  • Finally the seedpods were polished with cooking oil.


Clay Characters

  •  These clay figures were complex to make.
  • The students used three techniques to create each one:

1. The head was made by joining two pinch pots together.

2. A slab was made to form the body.

3. Coils were rolled to form a neck and to join the body and the head together.

  •  Once made and fired the figures were painted and decorated.
  • Some fabrics were dyed using shibori techniques. Shibori is the Japanese word for resist dying.
  • Some of these fabrics were folded and clamped and some were wrapped around a piece of PVC pipe.

Brunswick SW Primary School