Sea Turtles

Term: 2 Year: 2012

Year Five students were lucky enough to have Author, Illustrator and Artist, Mark Wilson visit them during Term 4.

He immediately engaged the children in his passion for Australian Wildlife, in particular those that are endangered. He demonstrated his techniques in drawing and painting in water colour, allowing the children to all have a go.

Following his visit, we began our Sea Turtles project. This was based on Mark Wilson’s picture story book, ‘Journey of a Sea Turtle’.

The children began creating the watery background by mixing acrylic paint with water. They used a wide brush to apply the water colour, but also picked up the paper, allowing the paint to run.

Using grey pencil, the children sketched their sea turtles, based on the drawing technique taught by Mark Wilson. They applied white acrylic paint to the outlines of the turtle. Colour was added using oil pastel. The children selected many pastels in green and earthy tones. They blended the colours using their fingers. Some children chose to add a black outline with pastel, others decided to add more white acrylic paint to highlight the turtle.

Finally, the children added ‘speed lines’ with white acrylic. This gave the illusion that the turtle was swimming through the water.

The children were extremely enthusiastic about meeting Mark Wilson and working on this project. Most importantly, the children were inspired by and proud of their own achievements.

Kym Leon and Helena Swain
Primary Art Teachers
Buckley House
Ivanhoe Grammar School
Suitable for Level 4