Salty Dragon Paintings

Term: 4 Year: 2016

Foundation students from Ormond Primary School created Salty Dragons.

1. Draw dragons on thick white paper using a pencil.

2. Brush lots of very watery paint all over the dragon then sprinkle lots of salt crystals (big crystals work best) over the wet paint. Salt crystals ‘suck up’ or absorb water. Each crystal absorbs some of the paint from around it .When the salt is brushed off you see darker patches of paint where the crystals lay on the paper.

3. Leave paint to dry, then brush off the salt. Use a thin black pen to draw outline, eye, mouth and wing.

4. Cut dragons out and paste them onto black paper.

5. Make dragon breathe fire by drawing flames with chalk, then rub with finger tips.

6. Use glitter to create a landscape.

Artwork provided by
Helene Loannou
Ormond Primary School