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The following Activity was completed by Year 4 students at Waverley Christian Collage.


An activity involving stamping, embossing foil and collage using mixed media.


Washable Paint Pad 6's Assorted, Texture Wands Asst 4's, bubble wrap, coloured A3 paper, Embossing Foil,
old gel pens for embossing on shelf, thick grey card as a surface to emboss on, scissors, Honeycomb metallic ribbon,
self adhesive Glass Mirror Tiles 7 x 7mm 882's, silver corrugated card, silver mirror card, silver paper, gold
card, silver thread, split pins, clothing fasteners and structure glue on small plates with toothpicks to glue mixed
media down.

Step 1:

For the background, the students used Washable Paint Pads and assorted stampers including bubble wrap to print
stamp patterns on coloured A3 paper.

Step 2:

Students then used Grey paper, silver mirror card and silver corrugated card as the basis for their shape. After
modelling how to emboss on foil the students practiced this technique and then cut the foil carefully before gluing
it down as a control panel on to the robot.

Step 3:

The students continued cutting out shapes from the assorted materials to look like a robot (Honeycomb metallic
ribbon, silver corrugated card, silver card, gold card, small self-adhesive glass tiles, metallic chocolate cups,
Silver Thread for arms and legs, split pins for hands, fasteners for eyes etc.). They were encouraged to be as
creative as possible. The Robot Collages look fantastic!

Yvette Nowell
Waverley Christian Collage Primary Art Yr 3 – 6
Suitable for Level 3