Reverse Applique

Term: 4 Year: 2011
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Reverse Applique 1
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Reverse Applique 3

The students were introduced to the sewing machine by a short demonstration of basic functions.

They designed a simple picture of their own choice in their sketchbooks.

They selected four A4 sized fabrics in colours and/or patterns which suited their picture. The fabrics were
pinned,  then sewn together on the sewing machine using straight or curved lines. After sewing, the students cut
through one, two or three layers with scissors to reveal the layers underneath (reverse appliqué).

Whilst waiting for their turn on the sewing machines, (we had three) the students made an image using a dry-
felting technique onto a piece of commercial felt.
The dry felted images were glued onto the fabric background.

For self-assessment purposes the students created a rubric which looked at design, sewing skills, dry-felting
skills and detail.

Upwey South Primary School
Suitable for Level 4