Resin Paintings

Term: 2 Year: 2013

The students were inspired to explore and experiment with various coloured powders and resins by Mr Perry Eckert – Artist in Residence.

As an artist and paint manufacturer, Perry was able to demonstrate a range of differing paint effects and we used photographs gathered of landscapes as a starting point. We then applied an initial pearl coating of resin paint to a canvas board.

This became the background surface. Spatulas, Pop Sticks, skewers and palette knives were used to spread resin paint and then eye droppers of vibrant dye colours were dropped onto the liquid resin surface. These colours bled and could be left to create rosette flowers or focal points or blended and dragged with skewers to create an abstract landscape design.

The effects were amazing and the colours were vibrant and bold.

Donna Davies
Visual Art Teacher
Toorak College, Mt Eliza
Suitable for level 4