Re-engaging Young Students Through Art

Term: 3 Year: 2012

The Art curriculum at Oakwood School is integral to the continued engagement and academic progress for many of our students.

The Art studio is a welcoming, dynamic space which allows students to explore their ideas and experience success within a supportive and caring environment. The individual learning plans where the students are responsible for their project focus contributes directly to these outcomes.
The student work on display in this exhibition comprises of;

• Dragon sculptures created using armature wire and Magiclay, finished off with Shimmer Paint and Polymer gloss varnish.

A shark painting using Koh-I-Noor brilliant water colours and chisel point Artline 90 permanent markers.

• Two abstract works developed by looking at printed images through a small window cut out of an A4 sheet of paper. The student then selected an interesting segment, and enlarged and interpreted that section (freehand). The works were finished in Shimmer Paint and varnished in Polymer gloss.

A feather mask padded and lined with crushed blue velvet. The student created the template for the mask herself and personalised its dimensions for her own face. The mask is finished with black rooster feathers.

A graphite drawing generated in response to M.C Escher’s tessellation work.

A “Death Butterfly” coloured pencil drawing generated in response to a unit on symmetry and pencil blending technique. This image was created using Derwent Artists pencils (72 pack).

Andrew Coram
Visual Art Teacher
Oakwood School