Prints and Jugs

Term: 4 Year: 2007
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Australian Wildflower Prints

The activity was completed as part of a unit of work about Australian artists. The inspiration came from a Kate Hart
workshop, and the artist selected was Margaret Preston. We looked at several examples of her woodblock prints of

1. Students looked at a wide variety of photographs and drawings of wildflowers, and chose sic different flowers
to sketch on A3 cartridge paper. The flowers were joined in some way by a curling, swirling line.

2. The flower sketches were chosen and redrawn to create a design onto half A4 printfoam, using a maxi Norris pencil.

3. Three prints were made onto white paper, using black chromacryl.

4. Two of the prints were coloured: one with chromacryl and one with oil pastels.

5. Students chose one of the coloured prints as a starting point, and used the other two prints, oil pastels and
a variety of coloured paper to complete their design. Students were encouraged to extend the lines of the print onto
the background.

6. The flower sketches were outlined with fineliner and coloured with coloured pencils to create a second piece of work.
Students worked on this piece at various times during the activity.

Level 3

These jugs were created as Part of a unit of work about “Still Life”. The Level 3 Integrated Studies topic
for the term was “Food”, and we looked at how food, and food drink containers represented in Art – both
2-D and 3-D.

1. Students looked at a variety of still life paintings, and also the 3-D assemblage “Set Up” (1984) by
Rosalie Gascoigne (Zart Still Life Australian Art Pack). Examples of ancient Egyptian and Greek jugs and pots were
also looked at.

2. Students drew sketches of jugs they would like to make.

3. A variety of recycled materials were used for the jug construction: cardboard tubes and cones, strips of cardboard,
cardboard circles, newspaper and masking tape were all used.

4. The shape was covered with newspaper strips and a layer of white tissue paper.

5. The jug was painted, using chromacryl, and decorated with flowers, wool ribbon etc.
Hughesdale Primary School