Quilt Making Inspired Prints

Term: 1 Year: 2006
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I had seen a book on quilting and textile design at an inservice. There was some design work in this book that I found very appealing for students. The artist concerned often composed her work by placing an image in the center of her composition and then creating a border around it made up of a similar shape or theme.

  • Because of the strong use of shape and design I got thinking that students could create a design for lino by using a similar structure.
  • Students were shown the artists work (whose name I don’t have) which we discussed and they were encouraged
    to create their own individual theme, brainstorming a variety of subjects that would be appropriate for lino.
  • They then researched their ideas on the internet and by using library resources as well as found objects.
  • Ideas were gathered in their sketch books and compositions were trialled until their favourite could be selected.
  • Students then had to produce a final drawing that was coloured in using 4 colours only plus the colour of the paper.
  • Once this was checked, designs were transferred on to the lino plate
  • I was very flexible about the composition and as you can see some work really deviates from the idea I originally presented!
  • Reduction lino cut printmaking can be very confusing and time consuming and I don’t recommend you tackle it in class unless you have had a go at it yourself and feel really confident.
  • Each step was demonstrated at the beginning of each class and homework was set every week.
  • I needed the printing to be done at school and the cutting to be done at home, ready for the next lesson.
  • Each student created their own registration sheet and despite starting with 5-6 copies, many only ended up with one successful copy due to poor registration.


  • Derivan block printing ink
  • Lino and carving tools
  • Cartridge paper
  • Soft rubber lino rollers
  • Silk cut lino squares
  • Glass plates for printing


Santa Maria College