Printed Bags

Term: 3 Year: 2014

Ruyton's Year 9 and 10 Sudents embrace textile design, printmaking and sewing skills in creating these reversible bags. 

Unit: Garment Construction – Printed bags
Year Levels: 9/10
AusVELS Level: 6
Duration of Unit: 6 x 50min lessons
Term: 1
Year: 2014

Learning Focus from AusVELS Level

Problem solving and practical work.

Use of ICT

Unit Leaning Focus

Basic sewing skills, design skills, ICT reseadrch, printimaking skills, use of technology

Resources and Materials

Students will have the opportunity to design their own print that will be produced on the Riso printer. After learning the basics of sewing on the machine, students will combine fabrics and their print to make a reversible bag. 

Assessment Tools

Assessment rubric supplied to students and discussed so they knew what were being graded on 


After demonstrating the Riso printing method students work to their abilities devising a print design. It can be inspired by a found image or developed from their imagination and drawings. 

Link with other domains

Use of ICT to recearch options for their print design. The use of technology with the introduction of the sewing machine. 

Cross Curricular Priorities


Wherever possible students are encouraged to use materials that exist in the Department or use and recycle materials they might find outside of school

Link with Personal, Social and Physical Domain

Students are encouraged to be inspired by objects and designs in their physical domain and perspnal decisions are made on their experience of their surroundings