Prep Portraits – A study in Line, Colour and Shape

Term: 2 Year: 2013

This art work was completed over four sessions with prep students

In the first session the focus was on lines. Students dicussed types of lines. They were shown how they could squeeze pva glue trails to create different lines. These  glue lines were them erased by smothing the glue over the surface of the A3 paper with a square of cardboard. Students then selected a range of lines to stick onto the paper surface such as wool, ribbon, lace, corrugated card, matchsticks ….

In the second session, the focus was on colour and colour mixing. Students talked about the primary colours and how they are mixed to make secondary colours. Students chose two colours and painted over glued materials. Students were encouraged to keep the two prmary colours visible and to have the secondary mixed colour. They were also given the challenge of making sure that the paper and the glued materials were covered with paint. 

In the third session students were shown Joan Miro’s “Sonnens” portrait on the IWB. Discussion flowed on how the artist had used shapes and lines to draw a portrait using black lines. Students were then shown how to paint a black line using a pre drawn pencil circle as a guide to form the face. After, they explored the different types of shapes and lines that could be used to create the facial features. 

In the fourth session, students were shown how to add white highlights to their black outline, white in eyes and how to blend colours in sections of their portrait using Supermix pastels.  Talk focused on white being a tint and why it is used as a highlight in artworks. 

Sue Storr
Visual Art Teacher
Sandringham Primary School
Suitable for level 1