Pre Prep Young Thinkers Program

Term: 1 Year: 2013

As a provocation to our PYP (Primary Years Program, International Baccalaureate), Unit of Inquiry – How the world works the children were introduced to the concept of Mandalas as a means to create patterns.  This Unit of Inquiry focused on what a pattern is, where we can find patterns and ways to make them. 

Mandala is an ancient Sanskrit word which, literally defined, means “circle”.   The patterns and shapes that make up a Mandala are limitless and are not confined to ‘made’ patterns, but can also be found in nature.

‘Recognition of patterns and shapes can profoundly affect how we see ourselves in relation to each other and the world in which we live, to embrace ideas that unite us, not divide us.  In observing connections, we can establish associations that lead to kinship and the possibility of peace. ‘The Mandala Book’.

The connections that the children made since beginning this inquiry have been both expected and unexpected.  The relationships and associations that they began to make as they worked co operatively with each other surprised us.  The connections that were made as the children recognised Mandalas around them have given us an insight into their amazing skills of observation understanding of the concepts involved in making Mandalas.

Mandala were made using many media as the children discovered that the possibilities were infinite.  Light, shadow, paint, pen, ink, sand and natural materials were just a few of the materials used throughout the year.

Debbie Nicholas
K4 Early Learning Centre Teacher
Fintona Early Learning Centre
Suitable for level 1