Term: 1 Year: 2012

This display is of portraiture ranging from Prep through to Year 8.

The Prep-Year 2 was a term unit designed to develop skills associated with portraiture using different media and viewpoints. It involved full face and profiles using a combination of Prockey Markers, fine liner and colour. The profiles were then executed in collage and became a conversation between two people.

A ceramic portrait was constructed by each level:

Prep, full face view

Year 1, a profile designed by each student, cut out as a stencil and traced onto a slab

Year 2, a bust

Year 5 is of family groups using Prockey Markers, fine liner and ink onto patterned paper.

Year 6 screen printed their portraits which taught the skills for printing their face onto their rag doll.

Year 7 did a mono print based on work by Mondigliani.

Susan Clarke
Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
Suitable for Levels 1 – 5