Pop Art & Puppets

Term: 1 Year: 2007

Pop Art Puppets 3
Pop Art Puppets 2
Pop Art Puppets 1
Pop Art Puppets 11
Pop Art Puppets 10
Pop Art Puppets 9
Pop Art Puppets 8
Pop Art Puppets 7
Pop Art Puppets 6
Pop Art Puppets 5
Pop Art Puppets 4

Every year my class makes puppets and performs puppet plays for the parents and the school community. Reading, writing,
listening, speaking, music, art, and maths are all incorporated in the program as well as personal development aspects
such as co-operation, self esteem development and persistence.

The puppets are made entirely in the class and the process takes several months to complete. When the puppets are
completed the children proudly show off their work and enjoy entertaining their audience.

Making the Puppets

• The puppet plays are selected and the children choose the parts they

  want to play.

• They start making the puppets with a ball of clay. They model the facial

  features to look like the characters in the stories.

• When the clay is dry the children cover the head with papier mache.

• The head is cut open and the clay is removed.

• Next the children paint the faces and stick on the hair.

• Finally they sew the clothes and add the details (earrings, hats, capes etc). 

Yarraville West Primary School