Pom Pom Reindeer


Step 1. Reindeer Head: Cut out a circle approx. 4cm dia from kraft card and draw on the reindeer’s eyes and mouth using a EverZart Permanent Pen. Alternatively, you can use felt instead of kraft card and cut out the eyes and mouth from paper and glue them on with Supertac.

Step 2. Glue a 7mm red Pom Pom on the face for the nose. Cut antlers from cardboard or felt and glue to Reindeer Heads with Supertac.

Step 3. Glue the finished Reindeer Head onto a 70mm Multi/Rainbow Pom Pom with Supertac.

Step 4. Cut a 30cm Chenille Stem in half and glue the two lengths to the bottom of the Rainbow/Multi Pom Pom body for legs.

Step 5. Thread oval, round or spool shaped wooden beads on the end of the chenille legs for feet. Bend a 1cm length up on each leg to stop the bead from falling off.