Pom Pom Chickens

Pom Pom Chickens Set Up

These pom pom chickens are easy to make for small fingers and so effective. Make them as an Easter gift or decorate your room with an abundance of them!


Pom Poms
Assorted Feathers
Joggle Eyes With Lashes
Paper Stripping
Low Melt Glue Gun
Low Melt Glue Sticks 
Supertac Glue

How to make Pom Pom Chickens

Step 1.
Glue two pom poms together at one point using
other low melt glue gun or Supertac. 

Step 2.
Once the glue dries, stick feathers on to
make the wings and maine.

Step 3.
Cut paper stripping of a contrast colour into feet
and a beak and glue these on as well.

Step 4.
Finally, glue your joggle eyes on.

Extension Ideas

  • Draw patterns on the chick's feet and beak using the Signo gel pens.
  • Attach sequins to chick's belly to make a pattern.
  • Use felt pieces instead of feathers for the wings to add in extra steps for older children, and use the colour slix to decorate the felt before adhering it to the chick's body.