Poly Egg Totem Creature

Polystyrene Egg Totem Creatures

Polystyrene Egg Totem CreaturePolystyrene shapes are so versatile, their use is only limited by your imagination! Simply stack the polystyrene eggs and try cutting them in half to make totem creatures. These are Easter related characters but the polystyrene eggs provide a great armature for many different themes.


Poly Eggs
Shimmer Glass Paint
Pearl Maker Pens
Megmar Metallic Markers
Joggle Eyes
Merino Wool Tops
Synthetic Wool Hanks
Giotto Turbo Maxi Marker
Posca Marker Bullet Assorted
Satay Sticks
Supertac Glue

How to make Poly Egg Totem Creatures

Step 1.
Teacher to cut one poly egg on vertical axis with sharp knife or polycutter. 

Step 2.
Children to paint eggs in various colours using Shimmer paints.

Step 3.
Once paint is dry, decorate the eggs using Pearlen pens, Giotto markers, Posca markers, and metallic markers.

Step 4.
Glue on Joggle eyes using Supertac.

Step 5.
Glue on a whispy piece of Merino wool (or could use synthetic wool hanks) for the hair.

Step 6.
Use a skewer to join the poly eggs into a figurine, with sharp end being immersed in the character's head, flat end sitting flush with bottom of half cut poly egg.

Extension Ideas

  • Can use Chenille Stems or Tinsel Stems to make arms, add pom poms as decoration or make a nose.
  • Could use sequins and pearl headed pins to adhere them.
  • Could make a scene for the character to sit in or make it into a decoration to be hung from the door at Easter.