Term: 1 Year: 2008

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This unit of work was inspired by Picture storybooks about Pigs.

Fiona the Pig – Leigh Hobbs

Olivia Saves the Circus – Ian Falconer

Chester the Worldly Pig – Bill Peet

Pigsty – Mark Teague

Willa the Wonderful – Susan Milford

We brainstormed about what we know about pigs:

Famous Pigs – Miss Piggy, Piglet

Movies about Pigs – Babe, Charlottes Web

Pig Sayings – Piggy-bank, Piggy-back, Pigtails, Pig-headed, Pigging-out, When Pigs fly…


  • Dawing pigs using Prockey Markers and fineliners, realistic and as cartoons.
  • Painting pictures with a limited palette (white, red and yellow)
  • Watercolour paintings

The stories are funny and the illustrations are simple to use as inspiration.
Penleigh and
Essendon Grammar

Suitable for Levels 2, 3 & 5