Picasso Vases

Term: 2 Year: 2009

Picasso Vases 1
Picasso Vases 9
Picasso Vases 8
Picasso Vases 7
Picasso Vases 6
Picasso Vases 5
Picasso Vases 4
Picasso Vases 3
Picasso Vases 2

Creating & Making

Ceramic sculpture

Unit Focus

NGV International Exhibition: Picasso: Love & War 1935 – 1945: Life With Dora Maar

Essential Understanding

Artists are influenced by and reflect society, history, culture and their environment

Artists are often the drivers of change

An Inquiry into

Artists’ observation and perception of the world in which they live

Entry Point Questions

  • Why and how has Picasso interpreted his subjects?
  • How was Picasso influenced by the times and his relationship?
  • Was Picasso influenced by other eras and movements?
  • What media and techniques did Picasso use?
  • How did Picasso's artistic innovations change the course of 20th Art?

Unit Outcome

Studying, practising & applying Cubist principles through observation, drawing and ceramic construction to create
a sculptured ceramic self portrait using slab, relief and painting techniques


Keanes White raku clay, Vipond paints

St. Leonards College Cornish Campus