Picasso Eyes

Term: 3 Year: 2007

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How To:

  • Students looked at a number of Picasso's artworks ( including The Spanish Weeping Woman from NGV
    International) before drawing ideas and facial shapes in their visual diaries.
  • They were asked to use as many different shapes and patterns as possible in their planning.
  • The boys chose their favourite shapes, cut and positioned them on to a larger sheet, before redrawing
    the pieces in the desired place.
  • Colour theory was discussed and the boys were asked to demonstrate their understanding of warm and cool
    colours in the pieces.
  • Many grouped colours together to show the cool or warm colour relationships.
  • They painted the pieces with Chromacryl paint and outlined the works with Micador black oil pastels.
  • As the term progressed, they looked at the way shapes can be abstracted and simplified.
  • The human eye was the focus of this activity and the boys were asked to represent a stylised view of
    an eye.
  • The pieces were painted with Chromacryl, applying their knowledge of tone and shade.


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