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Term: 3 Year: 2006

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Shape Portrait, Collage & Oil Pastel

This is the first activity this group of Year 7 students do as a “get to know you” time.

I introduce Portrait/Self Portrait and facial features. Students draw on A4 paper the following facial features:

  • Eyes x 2
  • Ears x 2
  • Eyebrows x 2
  • Nose x 1
  • Mouth x 1

To fill the entire page. Students then cut out the facial features, keep one and swap the rest with fellow students.
Discussion on placement of features is followed with students gluing the features on to a sheet of coloured paper
and then the portrait is completed with oil pastels.

Cubist Still Life

A still life was set up for students to draw a section of the Still Life.

Students discussed points of comparison, scale, rectangular versus rounded shapes, tonal work to give the illusion
of form. Students on completion of their drawing photocopied it on to A4 paper.

Cubism is introduced to the class – Analytical and Synthetic.

The photocopy of the still life is cut up into Cubist shapes and then randomly placed on to A4 paper. Gaps and overlapping
is acceptable. This collage piece is the plan for their finished work.

The information was transferred on to another sheet of A4 and then developed with coloured pencils, using either
an Analytical or synthetic approach. Prior to colouring the piece students are given a demonstration of colour pencil

Thomastown Secondary College