Pastel Dove

Pastel DoveThese cardboard templates provide a fantastic project starter, as they are easy to draw on, collage, and paint.


Cardboard Doves 
Poster Colours by Zart 
Metallic Pattern Paper 
Posca Marker Ultra Fine

How to make a Pastel Dove

Step 1.
Apply Poster colours, with mostly water and only a little pigment to keep the colours pale, in spectrum order allowing them to blend together slightly as they meet. 

Step 2.
Whilst drying, cut out some leaves from silver paper.

Step 3.
Once the paint is dry, draw leaves with Posca markers in corresponding colour. Glue on leaves.

Extension Ideas

  • Use Pinata alcohol inks for more vibrant colour and fluid patterns!
  • You can also draw over these with Poscas, once dry.