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Past Conference Highlights


Zart Education is proud to sponsor the Nurturing Creativity Conference – which welcomes art educators from Victoria and around the country for a day of  Inspiration, Information & Art Practice.

We are grateful to have worked with such inspiring keynote speakers as John Marsden in 2016, Patricia Piccinini in 2017, Del Kathryn Barton in 2018, Abdul Abdullah & Abdul-Rahman Abdullah in 2019,

as well as Cj Hendry & Henry Ward who joined us for our first ever conference held entirely online in 2020!

Each year, our Keynote Speaker has been followed with breakaway hands-on workshop sessions with renowned Australian artists, educators and industry professionals – designed to inspire, inform and invigorate your practice.


We hope you enjoy these highlight reels showing some of our favourite moments from recent years.


Nurturing Creativity Conference 2020 Online

Keynote: Cj Hendry & Henry Ward




Nurturing Creativity Conference 2019

Keynote: Abdul Abdullah & Abdul-Rahman Abdullah



Nurturing Creativity Conference 2018

Keynote: Del Kathryn Barton


Nurturing Creativity Conference 2017

Keynote: Patricia Piccinini




Zart Education would like to thank our spectacular Keynote and Artist presenters,
St Leonards College staff – and of course all of our friends and guests who have attended
our Nurturing Creativity Conferences!