Papier Mache Shoes

Term: 3 Year: 2018

The Year 5/6 students made Paper Mache shoes that were to scale of a standard shoe size.

To begin with, students brainstormed the topic before drawing their shoe designs in their visual diaries. Next they constructed their shoes from newspaper and masking tape using cardboard shoe inserts as a starting point. The Papier Mache component saw students apply newspaper strips dipped into Casein glue over several lessons which proved very effective in producing a hard yet light shoe ready for painting. Several layers of acrylic paint were applied to the final products. The art elements of design, form and shape were explored along as were the skills including the application of newspaper, glue and acrylic paint. Students benefitted from resolving the challenges in turning a 2dm design into a 3dm final artwork; wherein adjustments in terms of the original drawings in terms of shape, colour and scale needed to be made in the completion of the final artwork.

Year 5/6
Croydon Primary School